About Dolyn


Artist Statement:

In his book “Why birds sing” David Rothenberg explains how starlings mimic (human) sounds, and process that in their own song. I act like this bird:
“One bird often whistled the first notes, not the words, of “Way down upon the Swa-“ without ever feeling inclined to add “nee River,” even after hearing the whole phrase practiced hundreds of times on the piano. I think this shows a clear starling aesthetic: The bird just liked that shortened phrase better.  …  He grabs what he wants and slots it right into that strange starling music. “

(David Rothenberg)      

I work a lot with pictures, where I select a part or detail of, and incorporate that into my own image. Often the work looks familiar, but still is not recognized. I like it, that much is left to the imagination and experiences of the viewer.

My work is nearly always inspired by organic forms.