Ceramic Classes


Working with clay is a nice way to relax and destress, while learning a new skill.

Your hands, imagination and some simple tools are all that’s needed to make something beautiful, odd or funny. Or a little bit of everything.

Making things by hand, is satisfying, something you can be proud of. And you take something home personal and unique.

Use your own ideas to create a piece or during the first class choose a theme that inspires you.

There is a lot possible!



Nieuwstraat 6 in Wageningen


From 19:30 – 22:00 o’clock on Monday, Tuesday
10:00-12:30 o’clock on Wednesday



€ 130,- for a stamp card of 6 classes of 2,5 hours
€ 120,- for students, a stamp card of 6 classes of 2,5 hours

Included: materials, firing, tea or coffee

When there is room, you can always start, there is no particular starting date.

The card is valid for 3 months


For information or registration for the course, please mail to keramiekwageningen@gmail.com

Please note: there used to be a contact form here. If you used that, your message did not come through. Please use the address above.
Sorry for the inconvenience!